Cottesloe Addition & Alteration


The house, an early 1900’s ‘maisonette’, after numerous face lifts and changes to it’s dwelling structure and numbers has now become 2 ‘apartments; ground and upper floor.

The clients who own the ground floor apartment wanted to re-configure the space to make it more usable and something they could comfortably retire in. The first design intervention was to create a clear delineation between ‘open and public’ and ‘concealed and private’, a distinction that did not exist previously due to the awkward configuration of space.

The wide hallway was consolidated as a clear linear element in the plan and was used to give the visitor a better orientation within the space.

Structural complexities within the existing fabric meant that it was not easy to conceal new supporting structure so the gesture was made to expose the new beams. This created a delineation between the new and old within the spaces and each area was treated as such; some retaining the existing skirtings and cornices, whilst others embodying a much more contemporary aesthetic.

The simple, elegant palette of materials enable the new and old to blend together harmoniously.



Status: Completion 2017

Project Type: House; Alterations & Addition

Client: Private

Materials: Timber, Masonry, Steel


Team: Matt Delroy-Carr, Bruce Construction Design