Mt Hawthorne Residence



The design is for a young family on a small inner city infill block in Mt Hawthorne. The focus of the design was to push what is possible for a 4×2 house with a modest budget; the aim to set a precedent for single residential urban infill, responding to the local planning/design guidelines such that it challenges the traditional set out of a dwelling in an established inner city suburb.

Rejecting the idea of a street fence, the design aims to embrace the 2 street frontages; one elevation playing with the articulation of a stretched series of linear volumes where the other uses a perforated brick wall to create a street-front courtyard, maintaining the occupant’s privacy.

The fundamental focus of the design was to maintain northern exposure, pushing the house out to the furthest extents possible on the street frontages in order to create a northern yard to the rear of the lot. The house was designed with the focus on passive thermal performance, minimising artificial heating and cooling requirements. The design has been awarded an 8.6 star rating, well above the minimum 6 stars required to pass.

This project is structured as a ‘design and construct’ with Bruce Construction Design.


Status: Completed 2017

Project Type: House; New Build

Client: Private

Materials: Timber, Masonry


Team: Matt Delroy-Carr, Bruce Construction Design