Palmyra Terraces

This proposal contains 7 small dwellings located in a suburban area just outside of Fremantle, WA. Whilst not a true terrace housing model, the design intent of this development is to suggest an alternative to the apartment models appearing nearby, giving buyers the option of a small, efficient walk-up dwelling with the amenity closer to that of a terrace house and courtyard.

The overlapping layout of the dwellings maximises efficiency of the structural bays, such that there is no wasted or excess space, and enabling each dwelling to have a set of internal stairs and ground floor garden. Pedestrian access is separate from vehicular. Accessing each individual dwelling through a private courtyard provides the visitor with a different read of the built form.

The relatively shallow depth of each dwelling allows for maximum cross ventilation while each dwelling has ample exposure to northern winter sunlight. The continuous brick facade creates a homogeneous approach to the built form, whilst it also acts to provide visual privacy from the upper floor balconies.

The materiality adopted within the design makes reference to the various built typologies in the surrounding suburb, the weatherboard house and brick cottage both a desirable residential model within the marketplace.

Status: Development Approval

Project Type: Residential Development

Client: Salander Properties

Materials: Timber, Masonry


Team: MDC Architects + Tom Lucy Landscape Architect