Science Fiction and Contemporary Music Facility

A resurgence of interest in science fiction and pop-culture in Australia indicates a demand for this material. This will be met by the provision of an innovative, multi-function public facility exploring science fiction and aspects of contemporary pop-culture. The building will act as a contemporary addition to the reinvigorated Perth Cultural Centre.

The facility will include: an exhibition space to explore the history of sci-fi and its development through rapidly changing technology. This exhibition space will be multi-function, doubling as a fl exible seat auditorium for performances at ground level, much like the Wyly Theatre in Dallas. An interactive learning component will become a point of focus within the facility for various school and university groups to explore new technologies as they become available. This will also include several in-house media spaces for emerging film producers, giving students the chance to understand various aspects of film production away from large scale high budget sets.

Similar to the EMP (Experience Music Project) Building in Seattle, the Perth based facility will include an experimental music facility as a branch of WAAPA (West Australian Academy of Performing Arts). This will focus on developing contemporary styles of music or ‘New Music’ ranging from compositions of contemporary orchestral works to the latest in computer generated music. A private music learning and studying facility will be the main focus here, however the inclusion of several performance spaces will provide for public interaction with this aspect of the building.